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Batam is 45 minutes from Singapore by ferry and a lot of Singaporean's and expatriates living in Singapore travel there on weekends to enjoy the cheaper nightlife than in Singapore. Cheaper drinks, cheaper massage and lots of beautiful bar girls!


The majority of the nightlife is consolidated in a few streets in the center of Nagoya with numerous pubs like The Last Pub, Classic's Pub, Lusy's Oar House Tavern, Red Cock Pub, Classic's Pub and Ice Bar. Most of the larger hotels have a disco or karaoke bar. The bar district is a self policed area. All the bars have their own bouncer who will kick you out of a bar if you are drunk, rude or obnoxious. The pubs and bars are opened until 1am or 2am on Friday and Saturday night. There is a nightclub in this district, called Steps that is opened later and has live music.


Beer prices can be up to 27,000Rp for a small bottle of Bintang, Heineken and Guiness at the more expensive bars though generally they are around 23,000Rp. Prices during the day at most bars are cheaper until about 5pm.


The Last Pub is probably the best bar to hang out in. It is definitely the most popular and gets very busy on a Saturday night. charges 17,000Rp for a bottle of Bintang up until 5pm when they go up to 23,000Rp. Last Pub also serves great, reasonable priced food. Indonesian food like nasi or mie goreng or Western food like burgers, steaks or really good pizza!

The Last Pub Bar girl Batam

Ice Pub is just down the street from the Last Pub. With loads of girls to entertain you while you are drinking a nice cold Bintang beer. They have a pool table which is FREE to play.

Bar girls at Ice Pub Batam

Lusy's Oar House Tavern is another great bar to hang out in, just down the road just 2 minutes walk from The Last Pub. Why Oar House? No not what you think - it is because they have on display on the walls various types of oars used to rowing boats.


The Pacific Hotel, 5 minutes by taxi from the centre of Nagoya has a large, loud nightclub, Entry costs 40,000Rp which includes one drink. There are plenty of local girls here looking for a nice cashed up foreign man to go home with.

The Sphinx Disco, located in the Seruni Hotel is another good late night venue with loud music and beautiful single girls. Most nights they do not charge entry fee though drinks are expensive. Around 50,000Rp for a mixed spirits drink.

Maxim Nightclub is located just across from Pelita Hotel in Nagoya.

Massage centres or parlours in Batam

There are many massage centers that are reputable establishments that offer a professional massage service. Then again there are plenty of the dodgy massage palours that will give you a massage and depending on the girl, will offer you that happy ending you may want. There are several massage parlors in the bar district behind Harmoni Hotel which do offer the cheaper massage service like this. An hour massage can be as low as 75,000Rp though the girls will generally ask for another 150,000Rp for the happy ending or some call it a sensual massage and with most things in Indonesia a bit of bargaining can bring the price down.


Bar Girls in Batam


Prostitution is illegal in Indonesia and this includes Batam. Though, as we all know, this doesn't stop it from happening. Though not called prostitutes the preferred term is Bar Girl! The job within the pubs and bars for the bar girl in Batam is to keep the men drinking to increase the sales. They will come and sit with you and chat to you or play pool with you. As soon as your drink gets close to the bottom they will try to get you to have another drink. No responsible service of alcohol here!

The girls will ask you to buy them a drink. If you agree the girls will generally get served a half measure, spirits drink like vodka, Bacardi or bourbon. These drinks are more expensive then if you order one yourself at around 45,000Rp though some of the money does go to the girl.

If the girl agrees you can take them back to your hotel. If you are fat, ugly, old or smelly they will refuse! Most hotels do not have a problem with you taking a non-registered guest back to your room though you do so at your own risk. Check with hotel before you check in if this is your intention. As this is not organised prostitution it is up the girl if they go home with you. If you get along with the girl she may agree to a night of fun though most will ask for payment of around 400,000Rp to stay the night. Some may just ask you to take them shopping the next day though this may cost more and be more annoying in the morning when hung over. If you want the girl to leave the pub before her shift finishes at 1am or 2am then you will have to pay the pub a bar fine to cover any revenue the girl makes in her duties of encouraging drinking. The bar fine can be 120,000 - 150,000Rp. Or the girl may agree to come to your hotel room after her shift finishes.

The girls that work as bar girls in Batam are generally from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan or West Timor. You sometimes find Chinese girls though they are generally from Sumatra or Kalimantan. Most are un-married mothers who have left their home city to try to support their child. This district in Batam is far more discrete than the equivalent in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand. You may get the girlfriend experience you are looking for but as always 'buyer beware'.

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